WPTF2L Season X
by [HA]Rasta on 01 February 2012 at 18:10:00 CET
It might be a bit late for this news, but we decided that the ETF2L isn t enough for the mighty Army and when Mr.b0nes announced the next season of the oldschool Wireplay TF2 League it was a very obvious case that we will join it. The divisions were already published and we were placed again in Division 5. With a look at our opponents we can say, that we did not have experiance in playing them, so we are looking forward to meet them on the battlefield! And here are the teams of our division:

redux. Gaming
Bitches and Neep
Silicon Heaven
disting 2.0
New 5 Group
Dark Plague

So lets get ready for the real Wireplay!
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